Dr Melissa Hagan

Melissa Hagan is at the leading edge of clinical trial innovation in Queensland, serving as the Director of the Clinical Trials Coordination Unit within the Queensland Department of Health's Office of Research and Innovation. With a foundational career at GSK and pivotal roles in training and education at Quintiles, Melissa has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of clinical trials in Australia. Her expertise in streamlining processes was further demonstrated through her contributions and leadership at ARCS Australia, Queensland's Life Sciences Industry Association, and Queensland Health, where she championed National Mutual Acceptance initiatives.

Melissa co-chairs the Australian Clinical Trials Collaborative Forum and contributes to several advisory boards, including the Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice Advisory Board (University of Queensland). Her commitment to enhancing healthcare through collaborative research and policy development is evident in her contributions to Queensland's healthcare system. Melissa's strategic approach to fostering partnerships and dedication to healthcare improvement resonate throughout her work, making her a key player in Australia's clinical trials sector.

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