Dr. Nicola Straiton

Dr. Nicola Straiton, a registered nurse specialising in cardiovascular disease and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in implementation science at the Nursing Research Institute, St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney. Within the Nursing Research Institute, and with support from the Professor Sandy Middleton, Nicola manages the operational and strategic aspects of the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) Implementation Science Strategic Platform, and the SPHERE Nursing and Midwifery Implementation Science Academy. She drives research initiatives, builds capacity within the Nursing Research Institute and across SPHERE, and is beginning to design and conduct her own implementation science research.

Nicola has led and co-designed multiple projects with consumers, including collaborative investigator and industry-led clinical trials, the ACTA and CT:IQ Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit and is currently part of the executive team leading a James Lind Alliance UK Research Priority Setting Partnership for Digital Health in Heart Health.

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