Prof. Harriet Hiscock

Professor Harriet Hiscock is a consultant paediatrician and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. She is Associate Director, Research at the Centre for Community Child Health, Director of The Royal Children’s Hospital Health Services Research Unit and Group Leader, Health Services at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Professor Hiscock’s research focuses on developing, testing and implementing new approaches to (i) keep children out of hospital; (ii) reduce low-value (wasteful) care; and (iii) integrate health, social and education services to improve health and wellbeing for children, including those living with family adversity.

She has published over 290 peer reviewed papers and has been awarded continuous National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding since 2002 including a current CRE in Childhood Adversity and Mental Health, as CIA. She is assisted by a team of around 20 multi-disciplinary students and researchers. Professor Hiscock was awarded NHMRC’s “10 of the Best Research Projects 2023” for her groundbreaking trials in sleep in children with ADHD and with autism.

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